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TÍO VALLEJO, Gabriela La república extraordinaria. Tucumán en la primera mitad del siglo XIX (The extraordinary republic. Tucumán in the first half of 19th century), Prohistoria Ediciones, Rosario, 2011, 336 pp. - Col. Actas, 15 – This book pretends to rebuild the tucuman’s centrals political features in the first half of 19th century, also offering an “agenda” of problems and a repertory of sources to research. The goverment’s persistent “provisionality”, the disputes of families and factions as well as the new republic harassed by the war and the lowest fiscal incomming, seem to be the evident lines of this period. However, was in those times when the provincial republic was build, a representative system was tested based in the triumphant principlee of the popular sovereignty and bring up a political culture that reflected those times of ruptures and tenacious continuities, making its mark in rituals, discourses, practices and in a particular conception of thepolitical subject.


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